About Mobile Auto

Being a car enthusiast myself, it’s in my genes to be fussy about every single detail taken during my course of service for you and your car. Every single car that undergoes my grooming services will be treated like mine, so rest assure that choosing Mobile Auto will ensure that only the best is given to your cars.

Each individual car all deserve to be treated with the best available services obtainable. Trusting Mobile Auto will be the very first step for you in providing the best care for your car.

Not forgetting to mention, frequent grooming of your car can help to maintain the overall condition of the paintwork, seats, rims and etc. Maintaining your cars in showroom condition will make you look and feel good, when your car shines among other cars.

Ideally, it’s best to get your car a full grooming session to help preserve and protect the paintwork from all the contamination found in the environment. Doing so will protect and reduce the chances of having your car’s paintwork suffer permanent or expensive damages due to contaminations from the road, e.g. oil and stones will either stick themselves to your paintwork or leave stubborn scratches everywhere.

There’s no way for us to avoid all these contaminations when driving on the road. Plus, in Singapore’s weather, where there’s only sun or rain, all the UV rays and even acid rains will be harmful on your car. Brake dust and grease will also accumulated gradualy on your rims as you drive around.

There’s nothing quite like feeling of smooth polished car.

Products we use

At Mobile Auto, we believe in using the best for our customers, whether it’s from the buffing machines to the cleaning solutions used, we use products made by the best.

During the whole grooming process, only products from Gtechniq, Meguiar's, Polish Angel and Xpert-60 are used.