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"hi bro, thanks for the great and prompt service today. ... Collected the car at about 4plus and was very happy to see the milo stains gone! In addition, he applied sealant and managed to remove scratch marks on my door"

"Hey bro! tanx for sprucing up my car yesti! u sure were detailed in my interior which i m glad cos i m very fussy wen it comes to interior cleaning."

"Thank you Mobile Auto for your well done work on my CW FD2R, really satisfied. Look forward again in 3~4mths time.

Members out there, his service is really recommended. Price & Quality very acceptable. Do try out."

"Bro seriously good job on polishing its really an awesome job!!"

"Glad to user his service for grooming my car! Professional, skillful and knowledgeable in detailing and ICE as well :D

Will be sure to engage his services after the HD effect is almost gone!"

"Dumbs up for a nice job done by bro Chia !!"

"Thanks for the great job on my car bro, even thou it rain but my car is almost dry! Scratches all gone... Highly Recommended!

Will definitely use service again!"

"Bro seriously good job on polishing its really an awesome job!!"

"A very nice guy with good service and product knowledge. Very satisfied with the result."

"Kilat Grooming Service! Swirl marks no more"

"Hey Chia, Thanks for the great job! My car has never looked so beautiful."

"First of all thanks you bro Chia for bring my car back from the dead. You can really see the the before and after after the 4 hours of hard work being put in . My car now is sparkling white and clean , Chia really has the passion and is putting in all his skills and efforts to make over my badly paint car. Chia good job and keep it up . It's really worth every cents spent for this kind of final product. Would recommend his service to friend and relatives whom are keen to have their car look new again."

"Im very satisfied with the results.. You manged to remove those sand settlements.. Once again my paintwork shines and is smooth.. High quality with reasonable price.."

"Great service provided by a great guy! good job done..keep it up bro!"

"tks bro chia for the excellent svs and great polishing job done.

highly recommended for those who is looking for a permenant groomer as he knows what he is doing and takes care of his customer car like his own. from the onstart when he started machine buffed my car, i know this guy knows his work, very meticulous, and unlike any other groomer who just go thru motion.

for those who had tried many other groomers and have yet to see good result, you may wana give chia a try. no harm since u be doing a grooming anyway.

im not in anyway related to chia, and i just had a session by him on 2 Jan morning. totally worth the money and he is one of the best groomer so far, imho.


"Had just use his grooming services, now my ride is clean n shining like just come out from showroom. Will recommend ur service to some of my friend bro."

"Thanks to Bro Chia, my neglected car feels brand new! I am very satisfied with the work and the shine. Looking forward for the next one in about 4-5 mths time.

Bro Chia is also reliable. I left my car and went back to office. He did a wonderful job. You guys must try his service. Thumbs up! :D"

"Just had a Grooming Session with Boss Chia today on my Dad's Murano. Very Professionally done. Took his time to fix those scratches. I must say, He knows what he's doing. The Autoglym HD Wax is a must try. The car looks like a showroom car now.

Explained many grooming tips patiently even when i was blasting with questions haha. The session was pretty long but it was well worth it. Good Job Man!"

"I would like to thank Chia for the wonderful grooming service he done for my Avante *thumbs up*
He was meticulous and careful in not missing any detail, cleaned up every corner and really passionate about his job.

You can say he has found himself a regular customer in me, will definitely contact him again once i feel my ride needs to be pampered.
Ups for Mobile Auto!"

"Hey bro. Thanks for the impressive work for my jazz. You Given my ride a new piece of life. ALl the best in your grooming business. Cheers."

"THanks for 'cleaning up' my car today.. :D"

"just got a job done...
thumb up for him and a good job very detail person...
clap clap clap!!!"

"Halo! Just wanna thank you for helping my wife groom her M2SP today. We had a great time chatting with you. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge & experiences with us. My wife is really happy with your grooming. Thanks again for taking up our appointment though you really need a rest today. Execellent effort & patience! Especially all the little details. You ought to be proud of your grooming skill! Thank you so much once again! ;D"

"Hi Chia, many thanks for the heads up. I think you did a great job grooming e Altis inside out. Thanks too for your advice and analysis of e car's paint history - it's an eye opener. I'll be recommending you to my friends. Wishing you an enduring success running Mobile Auto :)"

"Hi Mr Chia

Thank u for taking ur time from hougang to jurong to bring back the shine on my FD4, kudos to you!! WIll book another session in 4mths time. Cheers, my wife says the shine is impeccable and body extermely smooth. Worth the penny..


"My first time using a mobile groomer today. Am lucky to have bro chia. His detailing skill is really very good as he managed to remove my swirl marks and make my ride paintwork never like before. I will definitely engage his service again. Thanks you..bro chia..you saved my ride form having to respray which cost more then a $1000 !"

"Thanks for the Kilat grooming once again, Bro.
HD Wax is highly recommended! :D "

"Thank you Bro Chia for making my ride shine like a star again :D thumbs up for the service, see you 5-6 months later for next session.

My car was dirty at interior with biscuit crumbs, dust, sands...the exterior needless to say rain/shine, tar, dust.

Very impressive during car collection and I must say, the car very very clean and shining, can feel the smoothness on the surface too!

Appreciate your punctuality too, on start and the end.

Definitely come back to book your service again."

"well done bro ....... tks for yr effort and petient on my dc 5...... well done and i will look for you again in a few months time..."

"Done my grooming today with bro chia. Impressive job done. Definitely worth the money. He brought shine back to my car, make the petrol stain and minor scratches gone.

He is a car owner himself that's why he will surely take good car of your car.

Thumbs up!"

"Mamnaged to secure a grooming slot with Mr Chia for my Mazda 5. The 4 hours of hard work he put in can be summarised into one word.


Enough said..."

"Hi Bro,

Thanks for blinging my Lao Pok Car on Sat (11/05) morning.
I know my car very jiak lats, you still managed to make me see my face on my bonnet.
Thank you.
Job well done!


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